NAAC Accredited 'Good' B (CGPA - 2.51)
College Library: College has a standard library with its own separate building, having centralized computer facilities. Library contains nearly 25000 books and regularly subscribes to 12 journals and 5 e-Journals. Students and teachers frequently use two well equipped reading rooms.
Ramamohan Library: To make library facility more available to students a branch of main library namely Ramamohan Library was established in 1972 at the initiative of the district Youth Welfare Officer, Midnapore.To make library facility more available to students a branch of main library namely Ramamohan Library was established in 1972 at the initiative of the district Youth Welfare Officer, Midnapore.

           There are three college hostels – two for male students and one for female students completely under control of college Hostel Committee. Two hostel superintendent are appointed by the college administration supervise the hostel and maintain the books of accounts. In all the hostel the system of messing is managed by the boarders. Admission to Hostel: The students seeking for admission to hostel for a particular session are require to apply in the prescribed form to the superintendent. The seats allocated to the students are notified and the students are required to pay the fees and charges at the time of admission to the hostel as determined by the Hostel Authority from time to time. Recurring Charges: The approximate monthly messing charge of Rs.400 (subject to change time to time) is to be paid in two installments, the first of Rs.250 before the 4th and final of Rs.150 before 12th of the current month. If any irregularities are noticed in respect of the above payments, the superintendent will take steps like stopping of meals, expulsion from hostel etc. The mess –in-charge themselves will undertake the responsibilities to settle the accounts of boarders at the end of every month. The rules and regulation of the hostel inmates as laid down by the Hostel Committee from time to time will strictly be followed. Electrical Instruments: The boarders of the room concerned are to purchase the bulbs etc. at their own expenses. The authority will make the arrangement to this effect only at the very beginning of the session for once. Lunch and Dinner Time: The boarders of the hostel are complete the lunch and dinner with in the scheduled time as fixed by the authority. Discipline: The students are managed with Ashramik ideals in the following manner:-
1. Inmates are to attend compulsorily both morning and evening prayer.
2. The must observe study hours as will be prescribed by the authority.
3. Strict discipline is to be maintained during study hours.
4. Use of common room is strictly prohibited during study hours.
5. System of tutorial examinations is to be strictly adhered to.
6. No boarders are allowed to stay in the hostel during long holidays, like summer, Pujas and X=mas.
7.  No guest is allowed to stay overnight in hostels.
Boys Hostel Building
Girls' Hostel
       Students come from far flung areas of different blocks of the east and west Medinipur districts to this college, so it is of utmost necessary to provide nutritious food and high-quality meal to them. As a result of that the college has arranged a cheep canteen with various foods and purified drinking water facilities. All the staffs of the college also use this canteen.
College Canteen
Common Room
         There are two common rooms in the college one for male students and another for female students. In each common room students are provided with newspapers, magazines and different indoor games facilities like carom, table tennis etc.

Students' Common Room
Guest House
         A well furnished guest house with two bed rooms for serving the honorable guest as well as the staff of the college is build up for meeting the necessary situation if arise. Auditorium: An auditorium within the college premises is build up for arranging the different types of meeting, seminars, conference and cultural programs of the college and the neighbor organizations and institutions.   

Cycle Stand
         A well protected 3000.sqft cycle stand is situated within the college campus. A whole time security guard is engaged to maintain the overall protection of the cycles of both staff and student and overall stake-holder of the college.  

Cycle Stand

Car Parking

College provides an open Vehicle parking place within the college campus with full security facilities.

       Two beautiful gardens are situated in front of the two main buildings of the college. The gardens are maintained jointly by a professional gardener and the NSS units of our Mahavidyalaya. The specialties of the gardens are that they grow seasonal flowers as well as the plants needed for the academic interest of the department of Botany. The gardens provide a scenic beauty to the college.
Health Centre
      Pond: A 0.75 acre pond is situated on the premises of the Mahavidyalaya. Rain water is conserved by college pond. This pond gives much priority to water conservation and water sports. At present pond water management is planned for gardening, fisheries and to preserve ecosystem. This pond water is used for irrigation during dry periods. This pond provides a scenic beauty to the college.
Central computer centre
      College has arranged a well decorated centralized computer centre for the fulfillment of the needs relating to the modern technological aspect on the ground of education, research, and innovation on the universal academic area. 
Employees Cooperative Credit Society
To achieve their financial and emergency needs, the employees of the Mahavidyalaya formed an Employees Credit Society on the college. The society always ready to forwarding its hands for the employees to overcoming the different types crisis which ultimately helps to obtained the overall objectives of our institution.
An An Auditorium within the college premises is available for arrangement of meeting, seminars, conference, and cultural program.
College Auditorium
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